Fettuccine with spinach

In Fettuccine with spinach, egg pasta is combined with the spinach to prepare a complete meal from the nutritional point of view because it contains proteins, vitamins and iron.

The Fettuccine with spinach are ideal with cheese like parmigiano, ricotta and gorgonzola cheese and seasonal vegetables.

Available in packs of 250g - 8.8oz

Cooking time
Durum wheat semolina, eggs 30,3%, dehydrated spinach powder 1,6%
2-3 minutes

ALLERGEN: It contains gluten and eggs.
GMOs: The product does not contain GMOs.
ORIGIN OF THE INGREDIENTS: Semolina 70-80% Italian, 30-20% Canadian; eggs from 100% Italian farms
Store in a cool and dry place away from heat and light
Humidity 12,5% in origin
10 packs per package