In our product, handcraft and tradition melt with high quality standards.
We distinguish ourselves by :

- experience handed down from generation to generation

- respect for the tradition: we produce in the classic leaflets of 125g, never in the form of nests and skeins

- exclusive processing: some production steps are only made by hand according to the tradition pasta of Campofilone.


The philosophy of our company has always been focused on quality: an accurate method of production, from the selection of ingredients to the creation of the product, from highly qualified staff to the guarantee, from the control system to the certifications.


Quality and Safety: our pasta is free of preservatives, dyes, additives, stabilizers and GMOs.

The company is daily committed to ensure quality and safety in its products, making a systematic control in compliance with the regulations.

Analysis are performed to determine the physico-chemical, organoleptic and nutritional of the products features and the compliance with sanitary standards (HACCP).

Cooking and tasting tests are performed to evaluate the characteristics of the final product and/or new products.

We analyze consistency, uniformity of cooking, flavour and cooking yeld.
This check covers every production batch, from raw materials to packaging. By a specific sampling plan we check:

- raw materials: ingredients (flour, eggs) and packaging material

- final product

- packaged product

This ensures a healthy, safe and high quality product to the consumer and, at the same time, standard production and constant quality to the company.
The whole control process of quality is further supported and guaranteed by a series of voluntary certifications.

Highly skilled staff: the staff, competent and well trained, is regularly involved in training programs about issues related to quality systems and hygiene.

Tracking: the whole processing is computerized to allow full tracking of products.

This is a great guarantee for our customers and consumers since it makes possible to trace for every single packet of pasta the lot of flour and eggs used for the production allowing the control of the supply chain starting from the raw materials.

The quality route of Marcozzi started in 1999 when the authentic Maccheroncini di Campofilone were acknowledged as typical product of Marche Region by the Legislative Decree No. 173/98 art. 8 paragraph 1 and 2 and Decree No. 350/99 issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. They can be made only in the town of Campofilone observing strict rules of production under the traditional recipe.

In addition, the Marcozzi Company is registered in the USA to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) with No.1314618704. On the packaging it is indicated the American nutritional information for the USA and the bilingual nutritional table for Canada.
To complete our evolutionary cycle characterized by a constant improvement of our product, in January 2009 the company developed an internal quality system in accordance with the standards of the BRC (British Retail Consortium) certified by CERTIQUALITY and IFS (International Food Standard). In this way we want to make our work, experience and expertise gained in pursuit of customer satisfaction and, above all, quality and safety of our food products.
The management and improvement of quality are dynamic and structural processes that affect the whole productive structure and the Marcozzi company is committed to:

· ensure the compliance of product specifications
· ensure the continous commitment for product safety
· meet the expectations of the customer
· compliance with rules and standards
· compliance with the codes and laws in force
· maintainance of high levels of competitiveness
· maintainance of the continuous improvement of performance
· compliance with the ethics and behavioural rules

We have recently introduced the organic line (organic egg pasta and organic spelt 100% integral pasta n. 11-02427) certified and controlled by the association called "Suolo e Salute" and dedicated to a responsible consumer looking for a high quality product. In fact, the organic line is obtained with an accurate method of production respecting health, the environment and the animal welfare and using only raw materials from organic agriculture, according to EC Regulation 834/2007 on organic production and labeling of organic products.


Recently the Maccheroncini of Campofilone has obtained the "Protected Geographical Indication" (GPI) for the purpose of Community protection as envisaged by the EC Regulation No 510/2006 on the protection of geographical indications and designations of origin for agricultural and food products.

The Maccheroncini of Campofilone are the first pasta to receive this recognition in Italy.