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Antica Pasta of Campofilone Marcozzi: IGP "Protected Geographical Indication"

ANTICA PASTA of Campofilone

From the tradition of Campofilone

" Italian pasta factory. Production of dried egg and spelt pasta. We make an exquisite homemade egg and spelt pasta by using Italian selected ingredients and our tradition. From the past to the present, since 1400." Our range: long and short egg pasta, aromatised long egg pasta, egg pasta for soup, wholemeal spelt pasta 100%, catering line and organic range.  

Tradizionale long egg pasta: Maccheroncini di Campofilone PGI, Linguine, Fettuccine, Tagliatelle, Tonnarelli, Sfoglia, Chitarra, Pappardelle.

Short egg pasta: Maltagliati lunghi, Maltagliati quadrati.

Egg pasta for broth: Stelline, Mini quadrelli, Sillini, Quadrelli, Maxi quadrelli, Tri-color Mini quadrelli, Tri-color Sillini, Tri-color Quadrelli, Tri-color Maxi quadrelli.

Special egg fettuccine: Truffle fettuccine, Mushroom fettuccine, Black squid ink fettuccine, Chilli fettuccine, Sage fettuccine, Spinach fettuccine, Paglia e fieno fettuccine, Nettle fettuccine, Lemon fettuccine.

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Marcozzi di Campofilone
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