Fettuccine with spelt

In Fettuccine with spelt egg pasta is combined with the spelt that was for a long time the food par excellence of the ancient Romans, giving the pasta a rustic taste.

The Fettuccine with spelt are ideal with vegetables and legumes, creating a meal rich in fibers.

Available in packs of 250g - 8.8oz

Cooking time
Durum wheat semolina, spelt flour 32%, eggs 30,3%
2-3 minutes

ALLERGEN: It contains gluten and eggs.
GMOs: The product does not contain GMOs.
ORIGIN OF THE INGREDIENTS: Semolina 70-80% Italian, 30-20% Canadian; eggs from 100% Italian farms
Store in a cool and dry place away from heat and light
Humidity 12,5% in origin
10 packs per package