Art. cod.: 00005

They have a square section. The Tonnarelli are great for "al dente" cooking.
They are ideal with simple sauces, like tomatoes and basil, or with fish sauces.

Ideal seasoning: fish sauce or tomato and basil.

Dimensions: thickness 1 mm, width 1 mm
Available in packs of 250gr - 8.8oz (dose for 4 people)

Cooking time
Durum wheat semolina, eggs 35,3%
5-6 minutes

ALLERGEN: It contains gluten and eggs.
GMOs: The product does not contain GMOs.
ORIGIN OF THE INGREDIENTS: Semolina 70-80% Italian, 30-20% Canadian; eggs from 100% Italian farms
ODOR: Delicate aroma of eggs and semolina
COLOUR: Amber yellow
FLAVOUR: Intense, typical of egg pasta
CONSISTENCY: Very good, resistant and elastic
10 packs per package